Which one is worse or better? Alcohol or Marijuana?

During this time, consumption of marijuana is believed to have an adverse effect on the body so that many countries prohibit the circulation of this plant. On the other hand, alcohol is considered a far more “safe” product so that it can easily be bought in restaurants, cafes, even modern retail stores. However, is this perception of security really true? Medical News Today reported that marijuana use was once thought to increase the risk of psychosis in adolescents. It is considered to have a worse effect on the health of the cardiovascular system than the effects of cigarettes. However, over time, many studies have explored the other potentials of cannabis which can be used as a variety of medical therapies, for example helping to prevent migraines or increase sexual drive. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows the dangers of alcohol for health. The fact in 2014 states that alcohol is a contributor to more than 200 health conditions and causes around 3.3 million deaths worldwide each year. Then, between marijuana and alcohol, which is more dangerous? Research from Rachel E. Thayer, et al., Which was just published in December 2017, conducted a review of imaging data on the effects of alcohol and marijuana in the brain.

Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder sampled 853 adults aged 18-55 years and 439 adolescents aged 14-18 years. They found that in the long run, alcohol consumption made a change in the structure of white matter and gray matter in the brain. While this condition does not apply to cannabis consumption for 30 days in the study sample. Thus, it is safe for everyone to consume weed online. The level of alcohol use reduces the volume of gray matter and white matter. Gray matter is a network on the surface of the brain consisting of nerve cells. It functions as a processing center, information analysis. Meanwhile, white matter is a deeper brain tissue, containing myelin nerve fibers, a protruding branch of nerve cells that transmits electrical impulses to cells and other tissues. Its function is to connect information analysis centers. That is, changes in the volume of both materials can cause interference with brain function. One of the study’s researchers, Kent E. Hutchison, did not dismiss a variety of studies on the association of the effects of alcohol and marijuana on the brain that had different results. Thus who believe that it is fine to consume marijuana, you can go to https://www.weed-deals.ca as one of the biggest online dispensaries in Canada for budget buds to buy cheap weed and get wholesale shatter in Canada.